International Technical, Agricultural and Social Development Foundation

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The sponsor’s interests

ITSDF feels an obligation to do everything possible to further the interests of sponsors. Every opportunity for advertising will be seized. Support the ITSDF and become a donor!

Your donation supports and fortifies the ITSDF, so that it can invest in sustainable enterprises. The goal is to finally change from poverty and dependency to an increased level of employment. This also creates new economies. Additionally, the ITSDF provides your organisation the opportunity to do business with new partners in these countries.



What you get in return for a donation?

  • Your name and logo will appear on the project’s website.
  • Your name and logo will appear on the billboard at the project site.
  • You may use the ITSDF logo in your publications.
  • Regular news about projects in progress.
  • The possibility to visit the project.
  • The possibility to adopt a project in its entirety, thereby turning the project into your own development project.
  • A relationship with the company and with the country/region in which the project takes place.
  • The possibility for you to integrate a foreign division of your company into the project.
  • The possibility to enter into a joint venture with the project owner.

What is still holding you back?

Although for us everything is clear as can be, we understand very well that you may still want to ask us some questions before actually entering into a lasting relationship with the ITSDF. In that case, we kindly request that you contact the ITSDF to set up a personal meeting in which we provide further explanation. A representative of the ITSDF will be happy to visit you to inform you about all of the details of this new initiative.

If we have already convinced you, you can contact us using the contact form on the website.