International Technical, Agricultural and Social Development Foundation

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What do we do?

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Information about the Foundation ITSDF


ITSDF is a foundation that fights poverty in developing countries by means of technical, agricultural, and social projects.

The philosophy of ITSDF is to promote and to stimulate the creation of enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises play crucial roles in the generation of sustainable prosperity and in the fight against poverty. To achieve this, ITSDF sets up projects on the basis of applications by (starting) entrepreneurs who come up with viable business plans.

The Foundation ITSDF is registered as an ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation).

Work One

Vision aimed at the future


ITSDF wants to develop internationally and it wants to operate in all developing countries. In order to defend and disseminate ITSDF’s philosophy and interests, we need as many representatives as possible from the Western world.

Are you attracted to the work that ITSDF does? Would you like to actively participate in our mission? Please contact our main office, so we can get to know you!



House-Building Project
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The idea for this social housing project (building 100 houses with basic amenities in West Africa) came up during a conversation with Pastor Daniel. The current living situation still is a house with a single room of 3.5 by 4 metres.


Sea Fishing Project
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The firm Knol quite often visits Lomé (Togo) and surroundings for business purposes. During a recent visit to the fish auction in Lomé, they learned that Togo is embargoed to export to the European Union.

Fishing Association ProjectImage 03

While exploring possibilities and locations for fish farming in Ghana and Benin, the ITSDF regularly had contact with inland fishermen. In these two countries, nobody is able to make a living off inland fishing.